Today we did a demo of the project that was developed in 5 hours, collecting resources branded under Parkland. --

Got good feedback from Derrick and Atticus. Our focus is no-longer on Derrick, as his event list isn't the main target or value that he sees in this project. Instead, we're focusing on Atticus' HQ Raleigh list and how to develop the best tool about that.

The goal for this week is to get this product deployed to Heroku or a similar service so that people can start using it. We also talked about marketing techniques and our near term goals.


Besides the technical challenges and help we need developing it (it's all open source) we'll be talking about how everyone else can start contributing to the branding and marketing efforts around the project.

We did not discuss moving the meeting, but if enough people would like to attend but cannot (let's say 3 people) then we can re-poll times and discuss as a team.