William Neal Reynolds Coliseum is located on main campus on Dunn Avenue. It houses NC State Athletics and NC State Hall of Fame and History. Public hours are between 8a.m. and 4p.m. Monday–Friday pending events. 


Reynolds Coliseum is one of NC State's seven Hallowed Places, defined by the University as “irreplaceable campus buildings, landscapes, and natural settings that have accrued special meaning over time.” 

Reynolds reopened in fall of 2016 following renovations that shifted the basketball court to the south end of the building and added a Grand Hall that now serves as the NC State Hall of Fame & History. Central air conditioning was also added. It is home to the University's ROTC programs, women’s basketball, gymnastics, wrestling and rifle teams, and the offices of women's basketball and volleyball. 

Historically, it housed the men's basketball team, including the 1974 and 1983 NCAA champions. Once a year, the men's basketball team plays in Reynolds.