Wanderful is a free iPhone and Android mobile application and is currently available to Triangle area users. The Wanderful application lets you explore, share, and preserve local history and culture. The application is being developed in Raleigh - Durham by a team of web and mobile application developers, including two NCSU Graduate students. The team placed second at Triangle Startup Weekend 2012 at Centennial Campus for their mobile technology, and they are working in conjunction with the Museum of Durham History to enhance the exploration of history and culture in downtown Durham.

The initial version of the application is available to Triangle users, and several new features and iterations are coming soon. The application currently pulls data from several sources, including OpenDurham.org, letting users in the Triangle explore the local history and culture around them. After the LocalWiki API is fully built, The Wanderful application will pull data from Triangle Wiki so that users in the Triangle can explore and share Triangle Wiki content on their mobile devices.

Wanderful Mobile Application Screenshots (From Durham, NC)

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Partnership Proposal with TriangleWiki

The Wanderful team, represented by Mark Kelley of Raleigh, NC, is proposing a partnership with the Triangle Wiki community to increase Triangle area adoption of both Wanderful and Triangle Wiki. The goal for Triangle Wiki is to build a working API for the open-source LocalWiki software which will allow Wanderful and other developers to integrate Triangle Wiki pages and data into their projects, accelerating adoption of Triangle Wiki in the Triangle by making the content highly interactive through mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. The goal for Wanderful is to also build an installed based of mobile users in the Triangle which will allow for technology validation and improvement through user feedback.

The proposed details of the relationship are as follows. (Please share your thoughts on this proposal below):

  • The Wanderful development team will work with LocalWiki to develop a working API for the LocalWiki software. The Wanderful team will also contribute to solving the "Page Edit Alert" function so users can be notified by email when a page they are watching is updated, and help develop a solution that allows content creators to easily geo-tag pages on the map.  
  • Wanderful would like a modal prompt on both the Triangle Wiki home page and trianglewiki.org/first_time_here page that prompts people visiting from mobile devices to download the Wanderful mobile application to explore Triangle Wiki content around them. If the visitor accepts, this popup would take people to a Triangle Wiki page that has download buttons for the iPhone or Android app.
  • Wanderful would also like a download link in the header of the home page where people can click to download the application. This link would just link to the same page as the modal. 

Wanderful has volunteered to handle any development work required to get the modal alert working that recognizes mobile devices and prompts app download from mobile users.  

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