Sandro Gisler is managing the Triangle Wiki Facebook ads and Laura Hamlyn is helping write copy from a Triangle Wiki tagline exploration.​ The Facebook ad campaign project got started when we received a monthly recurring donation of Facebook Ad budget from an unnamed donor.

Here is one example of an ad:

Here is the list of ad copy we are currently testing:

  • (A) Locally known. Openly Shared. Share what you know on the Triangle Wiki.
  • (B) The Triangle's first community-owned website. Share what you know on the Triangle Wiki.
  • (C) The Triangle's home page. Discover your home on the Triangle Wiki.
  • (D) Explore in your own backyard. The Triangle Wiki is your community website.
  • (E) A people-powered website full of local knowledge. Discover the Triangle Wiki.
  • (F) Documenting and discovering the Triangle. Visit your Triangle Wiki today.

Once we have enough data, we will know which tagline resonate the most. Version C and Version F are currently leading, but it is not yet statistically significant.

"Niche Ads" for groups that are likely to participate on Triangle Wiki:

In addition to the ads targeted at the general public, we are running a few that a directed to target audiences. These are currently

- People of the age group above 55 who are interested in history

- People with an interest in Real Estate

- Some Small Business Owners

Some early indications show that these groups are indeed more interested in Triangle Wiki than the general public - they are about 3x more likely to click on an ad

Further information

Facebook does generally not allow to discuss specific campaigns in public. Triangle Wiki admins and others directly involved in Triangle Wiki should contact Sandro Gisler  for more information.

Ideas? Input

If you have ideas or feedback for ads, please contact Sandro Gisler .