Logo background, current status and next steps:

History - The Triangle Wiki logo wasn't actually designed for the Triangle Wiki. It was designed for CityCamp Raleigh as one of three options. CityCamp chose another logo, so the current Triangle Wiki logo was up for grabs, and the team has used it ever since.

Current status - The logo has served its purpose to help get the wiki off the ground. But it doesn't really reflect what the Triangle Wiki is. The current logo feels very techy, brainy and good for people "in the know." But the Triangle Wiki is friendly. Open. Innovative. Fun. And community focused.

Current uses are on stickers, posters, Web, social media and potentially some FB ads.

We also toyed with changing the name of the wiki to something less "techy" but the name explains what it is more accurately than anything else we explored.

What's next? - The logo needs to change. It can evolve by keeping some traits like typeface or colors, or change altogether if that's the best route. Whatever we do, this is about common sense. Let's make sure we do it right and don't look back.



I would like to see the Triangle Wiki incorporate the following elements in the brand. -- Reid Serozi

  • Innovation​ - Triangle Wiki thrives on creativity and ingenuity generated by its users. We seek the innovations and ideas that can change the Triangle .

  • Community - Triangle Wiki is on a mission to make an impact on the Triangle regional area and empower citizens in ways never before possible. The wiki is committed to serving the many communities that make up the Triangle Wiki Community,

  • Fun - 

  • Collaboration -  

Questions & Thoughts:

  • Venn Diagram (3 circles / 3 nodes) - Interesting
  • Colors? - Red, dark blue and blue (NC State, Duke and UNC) are the unofficial colors of the Triangle. Perhaps shades of these - not the exact colors? (Slate blue, Robin's egg blue, blood red)
  • Typography? - Bold, simple, readable.
  • Hand drawn / humanize - Love this idea. It's a grassroots site. Transparent. Not selling anything.
  • inclusive - Yes!
  • The Triangle or North Carolina | local or state

5/16 meeting notes:

Reid, Laura and Matthew met to give Matthew an overview of the wiki's goals, target audience and the reason for a Triangle Wiki logo redesign.

  • Discussed creating a logo that reflects the grassroots nature of wikis. It's of, not over, the people. It's inclusive, unfinished, and always evolving.
  • Talked about how the story is everything around the wiki. The logo could be more of a badge or anchor for all the interesting things going on around it (photos, stories, etc.)

Ideas & concepts from the 5/16 meeting

  • Demographic: both content creators and consumers, leaning towards creators
  • Should be recognisable but not divisive
  • ‘Triangle’ should not be overtly referenced since it is about the communities the triangle encompasses
  • Badge of identity for this endeavour / mission
  • locally created openly shared - potential timeline
  • modular, building bit by bit
  • crowdsourced - technical, college community
  • more to come

6/13 meeting notes:

Laura Hamlyn and Matthew Barton met to discuss Triangle Wiki logo design progress. Topics included:

  • Laura's responses to Matthew's questions, above (under "Questions & Thoughts").
  • Concept exploration, such as portraying the wiki not as a three-pronged triangle, but as a multi-noded shape that changes and grows.

"neighborhoods" necklace mapping 'hoods in SF

  • We discussed grassroots ideas and how they could lend themselves to something hand drawn.

  • We reviewed the logo doc Reid provided and talked about the merits and drawbacks of each. We liked some of the color palattes and the idea of a hand-drawn font/mark.
  • We briefly discussed next steps for the website and how the logo could establish some branding elements (font/color/aesthetic) to be used on the website. I think the next Web meeting is in July.
  • We will review more concrete concepts next week to make sure we have something to see in the website meeting.

8/27/2012 - Meeting Notes

Triangle Wiki Design Meeting with Matthew Barton, Scott Reston, Hayley Hughes and Reid Serozi

Designers felt additional brainstorm sessions were needed to complete the front page design which would then fuel the desired brand changes. Hayley suggested these cycles could be something AIGA's "Design For Good" program may be able to support. Reid will follow-up with Laura Hamlyn regarding Design for Good.

We discussed the idea of retiring the egg head from the triangle wiki logo and leave the existing title between now and new brand project.

Action item: remove egg head when possible from logo.