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Keep it simple. "I would recommend using no more than 2-3 tags per piece of content and keep the words very generic." - Source

Keep it the same. Try to reuse generic tags, instead of developing differnet alternations.

Try to use lower case. Does it really matter?

- Reid Serozi

I added a "use singular" suggestion to the wiki style to avoid a proliferation of "restuarant/restaurants", etc. - ScottReston

Good Call! - Reid Serozi

With any new feature comes the questions! Since the Triangle Wiki is a regional wiki, and not focused on a single town, what are the best practices for tagging to make it useful? For example - if I tag a page with "restaurant" then the tag page for "restaurant" could be pretty massive over time. Not sure if it would be helpful either. Thou if I could combine tags like "restaurant" and "downtown Raleigh" to create a filter tags list page, then I can see the usefulness. Thoughts? - Reid Serozi

I wouldn't worry about it.  We'll make massive tag pages readable (that's a technical fix), and combining tags should be pretty easy to add as well.  We'll bend the technical implementation to what's going on inside the wiki.  --PhilipNeustrom

I imagine we'll handle tagging just as we've handled page categorization. When specifics are helpful, we'll add them. I'd add a town name to any general category to help people understand whether that page will be useful to them.  - Laura Hamlyn