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Event Details | FB Event

Purpose of event:

  • Celebrate milestone of 1000 pages / public launch
  • Introduce wiki to new audiences


  • Buku
  • Time:  7pm - 9pm

PROMOTION of event

Partner with like-minded organizations to help promote the wiki to their membership now that it is OPEN:

  •    City Museum (reid)
  • DRA (hilary)
  • Innovate Raleigh (done since we're presenting to them that night, right?)
  • DLA (Work with Jim Belt - MM)
  • City staff (Town of Cary - LH)
  • City Of Raleigh Counselor sphere - (reid)
  • Chamber- James Sauls (reid)
  • Open source community - (Jason)
  • CAC Raleigh Leaders - (Jason)
  • Architects (hilary)
  • Live Work Play - (reid)
  • Art groups (AIGA Raleigh - LH)
  • SouthWest Raleigh (Jason)
  • DurhamCares (Andrew)
  • (Andrew)
  • (Andrew)
  • SCMoms (Andrew)


Public Launch Goals

  • Schedule Public Launch ​for March 14th, 2012
  • Encourage a mass of editing. Develop a goal to reach 1000 pages by March 14th, 2012
  • Develop a press release
  • Develop a list of media resources for a press release
  • Create stickers for the 14th
  • Document some specific area with lots of inner links.  The "walk around with a digital camera / phone and take pictures of everything in a 5 block area" plan would work well here. (still pending!!)
  • Contact local high schools to have students created wiki pages as a civics project. (Reid and Laura working on this. Others, please help if you have contacts.)
  • Cary TriWiki group meeting on Saturday to create game plan to build pages. (Laura, Hal, Lori, etc.)

Soft-Launch Goals/To Do's

  • SOFT LAUNCH: February 25, 2012. Remove the splash page, update the domain to point directly to the wiki,  remove the triangle/research username-password. (Completed)
  • Raleigh City Camp Event and Edit party on February 25, 2012 (Completed)

Pre Soft-Launch TriangleWiki Goals/To do's

  • 300 pages by end of January.  (Completed!)
  • 600 pages by February 24  (Completed!!)
  • Add inner links - you should be able to easily surf around the site or help start a new page.
  • Add the most interesting pages to the home page, so it make these pages easy to find for a first-time visitor. (completed!)
  • Some core, inter-linked content about some specific area.  The "walk around with a digital camera / phone and take pictures of everything in a 5 block area" plan would work well here. (still pending!!)
  • Format the Front Page for new visitors. Briefly explain what's going on for those that are new to the local wiki concept.
  • Agree which pages should be locked down before the launch. (example,  Front Page)
  • Establish simple community guidelines. (completed!)
  • Change FB Planning Group to a general discussion group. (completed!)
  • Develop a creative campaign theme to more easily explain the wiki and why a regular person would want to attend the one day Raleigh City Camp forum on the 25th. (completed!)

Dec’s TriWiki Meet-up Notes: