Marketing efforts

This page is dedicated to documenting the marketing efforts of the Triangle Wiki team. Once information is baked and ready for general consumption, please post the information to the Wikivangelists page.

Connect with Triangle Wiki Discussion Group to find how how you can get involved with the Triangle Wiki marketing effort.

Three strategies for increasing adoption of Triangle Wiki in the Triangle through summer 2012 and into the Fall.


  • Triangle Wiki will seek out student organizations on each college campus in the Triangle. Ideal student organizations will have  a mission that aligns well with Triangle Wiki and could possible include Triangle Wiki content creation or propogation into their student group activities.
  • The goal on college campuses is to access the subculture, to supplement college events, activities, news, and culture and eventually have Triangle Wiki as the repository for posting info about all things that happen on and around campus.  The goal: Documenting something that happened on campus.
  • The summer goal is to lay groundwork for the fall, including contacting presidents of student organizations to start Triangle Wiki momentum for students return in Fall.
  • Develop a starter guide for students


  • Triangle Wiki will seek out evangelists for towns, communities, and potentially neighborhoods within a community.
  • Evangelists are potentially civic minded individuals. Young or old, but the person will need the time and enthusiasm to commit to evangelizing the Wiki. Evangelists may potentially be history or cultural buffs.  
  • The summer goal is to determine strategy for finding evangelists, and find them, giving them the wikivangelists page resources and support needed for success.

High Schools

  • Drawing on TriangleWiki’s success at Durham Academy and with the help of the teacher there, TriangleWiki will create a framework lesson plan for other teachers to use TriangleWiki in the classroom. TriangleWiki will approach public and private schools in the Triangle to see about getting content included. Private may provide faster inclusion of TriangleWiki due to smaller decision making structure.
  • The summer goal is to develop a 6 week program framework and reach out to schools and teachers ASAP for possible incorporation in their curriculum planning.

Action Items:

  1. Finalize Wikivangelists page (July 15) – Reid Serozi
  2. Establishing list of potential school (June 15)- Mark will create a list of colleges in Google Documents. The TriangleWiki community will be able to sign up to review student organizations and contact potential organizations.
  3. Establish list of Private Schools in the Triangle (June 15) – Reid will contact Tina to see about a six week curriculum for high school students
  4. Reach out to Matthew Brown – Triangle Wiki – How to find evangelist – Ask him how to find people to do that again. (Reid - completed)
  5. Wiki Gatherings – Only work well based on geographic location. How many do we want to have and in what time frame? ASAP
  6. Raleigh Historic Commission – Need to get this going ASAP

                        - 6,000 assets that could go in the wiki. They are currently in digital form.

                        - Raleigh historic district commission website – have assets in digital form that could be ported over?


Marketing channels

  • Poster - completed
  • Facebook banner ads - completed
  • Email Newsletter
  • Social Media: focusing on past events and historical information as opposed to trying to keep pace with current news.
  • Local news websites or frequented sites
    • Live, Work, Play
    • News and Observer
    • The Independent
    • Others?

New Wiki Logo

In process. Needs to be more open in feeling, welcoming, less techie

Page for recording logo redesign notes/progress.

Laura Hamlyn has setup lunch with a local designer to discuss. Meeting is May 16


Tag Lines - For use in bumper stickers and other promotional type opportunities. 

Megan, should we clean-up this list? -- Reid Serozi

  • Locally Known. Openly Shared.

  • Discover - Learn - Collaborate - Share

  • Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill (konnectdavid) David Vaughan

  • Come Help: Real People. Real Information. Real Community. Greg Tarsa

  • Local knowledge by local people philpoe

  • Let others know what you know philpoe

  • Collaborative publishing and learning philpoe

Local College Integration

• Targeting student run organizations at local colleges, NC State, Chapel Hill, and Duke to become content generators.

- Summer Goals:

- Connect with contact points within college communities

- Complete Wiki Evangelist Guide

Encouraging Engagement

• Developing personalized pages by town on future site

• Reaching communities and encouraging evangelists for all areas of the Triangle through:

- City Council

- Established Organizations

- Civic oriented citizens

- Bloggers/Writers

• Showcasing citizen participation with a point system? What is the value for someone to contribute?

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