Pilot Scope

The Triangle Wiki is open to the entire region, but during the pilot phase we want to tackle a portion of the region. After the October Triangle Wiki Meet-up we decided to focus on specific topics within the boundaries of Raleigh. Instead of writing about everything in Raleigh, we are going to look for popular topics addressed by elected officials, public services, and neighborhoods. The objective should be to create content that differentiates us from other content providers.

We can't do it all! During the pilot we want to attract subject leaders and content editiors to help build content. The focus will remain Raleigh centric, so let's try our best to recruit wiki editiors from the Raleigh area.

Refer to the October Triangle Local Wiki Meet-up Notes

Content Strategy

1. To differentiate us from other content providers, we should initially create content that's very unique. This will give readers and authors a reason to come to the site.


Launched the following marketing site to help build awareness.

Version 2 - Coming Soon

Version 1 - Launched Oct 2011

Designed Scott Reston