Planning & Development  - October / November / Dec 2011


 Increase participation - (High Priority)

  • Create Content (On-Going) Refer to content ideas for new wiki pages

Develop Templates and Starter Instructions - (High Priority)

Develop site governance (Dos and Don'ts, Best Practices) - (High Priority)

  • Develop guidelines for editing, maps, user pages, other?

 Other Do List - (Low hanging fruit)

  • People Page - How do we want to handle this page?
  • Develop guidelines for the FB Community Group
  • Follow up with the users using mailchimp to promote - Hilary 
  • Q for G+ Hang-out: As planners, how can we engage with contributors?
  • Develop content for other pilot groups in different Triangle towns/cities
  • Partner with Raleigh City Camp for future meet-ups?
  • Go Public!!! - (2012)

    • Determine the number of wiki pages before going public
    • Set goal date to works towards.
    • Have a contingency plan in case something doesn't go as planned.


Launch Pilot - (November 3rd)

  • Develop a collection of "How to & wiki pages" for all new wiki members. For example, a starter package and introduction. (Leo,Manuel,??,??)
    • Include something...maybe a log...about bugs and future enhancements to avoid any erroneous conclusions about the software. - reid
    • If Hangout works well, we could do some online feedback and training sessions.
  • Setup MailChimp or IContacts form to replace the google docs forms and use an autoresponder to hand out invitations to join the pilot. Less work for the volunteers! - Hilary
    • Monitor the Google Docs Form - Who will follow-up with interested folks? (Manuel, Hilary,??)
      • Do we have access to the generic email address to send messages from?
        • Yes, either we all can share contact@trianglewiki or I can create another one. What do you think? -- Reid Serozi
      • We should also add a column to show status so we don't duplicate follow up.
        • Yes, I added a column called "Follow-up Complete"  thanks! -- Reid Serozi
  • Run through a few usability tests with the canned messages to new users (Jim, Hilary??.??)) 

Initiating - September/October 2011

Project Communication

Recruit Planning Members - The planning team is responsible for the the launch strategy, governance, marketing, communication and overall framework to build the Triangle’s first localwiki

  • Reach out to previous planners from Raleigh City Camp - done

Test Localwiki Software

  • LocalWiki Co-Founders need us to bang on the software! Report bugs, ask questions and provide feature requests (On-Going)

Connect w/ Localwiki Co-founders

  • One hour meet-up with Philip and Mike - Done

Schedule First Meet-up - Triangle Wiki Planning Team meets to develop an overall direction, roles, questions. 

  • Oct Meet-up - Done