In the long-term, many new and continual Triangle Wiki visitors will find the project via a search engine.  Here's a few things we can do to, in the long-term, help improve our search ranking:

  • Provide useful content -- This is easily ignored, but providing useful information people can't get elsewhere is really important.  Being comprehensive and useful is the best thing you can do.
  • Get local blogs and news sources to link to Triangle Wiki pages -- blogs and other local news sources are writing about topics that are covered on Triangle Wiki all the time.  In the old days of DavisWiki, people would often post "check out the DavisWiki <link>" in response to questions on the UC Davis LiveJournal community.  Don't ever be spammy.  Some places:
  • Wikipedia links -- The Triangle Wiki is very young, but as it develops it'd be good to, on related Wikipedia pages, link (at the bottom, as is their prefered format) link to Triangle Wiki pages.  If you make a Wikipedia link, you should do it using the following format:  [[wikispot:triangle:Page_name_here|alt text]] by using this format, Triangle Wiki won't get ignored by Google.