Wikivangelists are people like you who extol the boundless virtues of Triangle Wiki to the Triangle community to encourage new visitors to check out the website and contribute their own unique knowledge and perspectives.  Wikivangelists have a tough job -- they must translate the technical aspects of the website into summaries that are easily related to people offline.  However, there are a few resources and reminders to help budding Wikivangelists begin their quest to drum up interest among their neighbors.


  • The concept of a "wiki" is still not received with immediate recognition by non-technical people.  Instead, focus on the features of the website and what it can do for people.
  • Describe Triangle Wiki's content in terms that are relevant to each individual person (info about restaurants for foodies, trails and parks for hikers, bands for music lovers, etc).
  • Reinforce the quality and strength of the content with statistics -- most people see it as a novelty but a burden if they think they are being hit up to write content.  However, when you describe that we already have more than a thousand pages of existing content that's constantly being edited by hundreds of other folks just like them, suddenly it becomes more attractive.


Inspiration: Davis Wiki Video