TriangleWiki is a community edited site about the Triangle Region in North Carolina. We are aiming for a  place to record Raleigh - Durham culture, places, spots, current events — everything! We want to increase collaboration, local media, open data and knowledge sharing across the region. This is a grassroots initiative forming right here in the Triangle. We need editors and subject leaders to help build content.

Let's get started.

Getting Started

  • Creating an account - In order to edit pages, you must first create an account. It is a really good idea to use your real name when signing up because it helps start the process of establishing identity here with other editors. For example, JohnSmith.
  • Play around in the Wiki SandBox - Please feel free to experiment here with any edit changes, adding images.
  • Review the Triangle Wiki Ethics - This is an open project, but there are some general guidelines.
  • Editing - Editing a page is as simple as clicking on the "Edit" tab at the top of the screen.
    • Editing Toolbar Guide - This detailed guide explains all the buttons and functions available on the Editing Toolbar.
  • Linking - The most important concept is linking.
  • Creating a new page - New content can be added by creating new pages on the wiki. This guide explains how to search for existing content, and how to create new pages to add original content to the wiki.
  • Mapping Content - Maps are very important for relating content in the wiki to the specific locations in our community when relevant.  Click here to read on how maps are created and attached to the wiki's content 
  • Info Tab / Revision History - the wiki tracks all the changes made to all the pages
  • Tagging - How to tag pages.
  • Join the TriangleWiki Community - Ask questions and talk to other content contributors.
  • What is a Wiki? - A wiki is a linked set of pages which anyone can edit and expand.
  • Wiki Style Guide - Advice and best practices on how to format your page.

Community Involvement

  • Wiki Community - Learn more about this project and how to get involved.

Contributor Guides

Information specific to contributors