Triangle Wiki Guide / Creating a New Page

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In order to create a new page on the wiki, the first thing you do is to search the existing content for similar pages.  This is very important to prevent duplication of content by multiple authors.  On each page in the wiki, there is a search box on the top right of the page with a Search or create page button.  To create a new page,

  1. Enter text into the Search box related to the content you want to create.  For example, you might be thinking of creating content about greenways, so you would enter the word greenways on the search box, or perhaps more specifically the name of a particular greenway, such as 'Little Rock Greenway'.
  2. Click on the Search or create page button. 
  3. You will be presented with a page with the results of your query.  If there is an exact match to your search, you will receive a link or links to the content that matches your search query. If there is no exact match, you will be presented with a message to this effect, and a button to Create this page.  
  4. Click on the Create this page to enter editing mode for your new page.  To learn how to edit your new page's content, follow the page on Editing Content.  You will need to save your changes on your new page for the page to be permanently saved on the wiki.

To continue to the next topic on this Wiki Guide, please view our page on Maps.    You can also go back and see other topics in our Triangle Wiki Guide.