There are lots of things that could be done multiple ways, and wikis often evolve informal, unwritten style guides - ways of doing things - that we've attempted to write down to help incoming editors and admins.

Page Content

  • The name of the page usually appears early in the first sentence of the content, and is always bolded when it first appears. For example: "The Triangle Wiki is a website about everything in the Raleigh-Durham region."
  • The content should begin with text (not with a title) about the page. Recommend 3-4 sentences in the beginning, since the map feature will does not leave much real estate for large photos and text.
  • Add a large photo after the first 3-4 sentences.
  • Information Table should be located at the bottom of the page.


  • For consistency, when tagging a page, use the singular variation of nouns. For example "park" rather than "parks".