So you're here as a staff member/supporter of nonprofit organization and you want to make sure your organization ​has a strong presence on the Triangle Wiki.

We're here to help!

Why should you have a presence on Triangle Wiki?

Triangle Wiki is a great interactive site to connect to the community and promote your organization in a unique way. A page on Triangle Wiki can draw new attention and support to the organization. Triangle Wiki is also a great way for loyal proponents of the organization to share their positive comments about the non-profit with the community.

How to get started

  1. Does your organization already have a page?

    • Search the wiki using the Search bar in the upper right corner of the page - someone may already have created a page for your organization. You can update that page instead of creating one from scratch.

    • If no page exists, create one. The best way to do that is to start by finding a page that should link to your page. We have list of organizations (for non-profits and community groups). Go there, find a category page that describes your organization, and add a link to your organization. When you save the page, you can click on the link you created to create the page.

      • Templates have already been created for each page created on Triangle Wiki, so new information just has to be added!

  2. Notify organization staff, volunteers, supporters, clients of Triangle Wiki and encourage them to post comments and contribute to the page.

How to continue to contribute

  • Keep your page updated
  • Contribute to other pages, especially pages related to yours
  • Spread the word about Triangle Wiki to other organizations