So you're a student at one of the many universities and colleges in the Triangle region and you want your school to be represented on the Triangle Wiki?


Perfect! We're here to help!


Why should your university create a Triangle Wiki page?

It's simple. Capturing local knowledge is what the Triange Wiki was designed to do. Most of the really valuable school info isn't very easy to find. Official school web sites include general campus facts, but can't capture hyperlocal, highly relevant info directly from students, such as ways to get the most out of your student fees or the find the best spots to take a nap between class. You can create a more accurate, helpful treasure trove of information in one place. Think about building a total resource, so each new wave of freshmen have place they can go for help.

How to get started:

  1. Does your school already have a Triange Wiki page?

  2. Designate your school's main wiki page as the unofficial "homepage." It could contain a well-recognized university image, welcome message and a directory of links to other wiki pages about student life and the university.  This page should be created from a local perspective and be personalized to your university's target audience. 

  3. Build a community of wikivangelists from your school to build wiki pages together. Invite your friends to join on these existing Facebook groups:

  4. Designate a leader (or a few leaders--the more the merrier) who will organize, grow, and spearhead different activities:

    • Plan wiki gatherings around campus.
    • Outreach to student organizations.
    • Outreach to professors (incorporate the Triangle Wiki into a class assignment).
    • Spread the word (via social media, word of mouth, flyers, etc.).