Neutral Point of View is one of the options chosen by wiki communities for their editing style.

It refers to a state in which pages are free of nonfactual opinions, but represent all significant points of view.

An example would be:

Hotdogs can be found in several local restaurants as well as for sale in supermarkets. Some people think that mustard makes a great condiment for a hotdog, but others think that ketchup and relish is a better way to enjoy them. There are also those who prefer to eat them plain.

Hotdogs are often associated with baseball games and with eating contents.

Rather than:

Hotdogs should always be eaten with mustard. The only right way to eat one is to hold the hotdog up and turn your head to the side prior to biting into it.

The first example is informative and represents fairly several views. The second acknowledges only one point of view.