22 Martin St.


Open Monday-Saturday, 11am-9pm, or Sunday 12pm-6pm


Craft is part bar, part specialty liquor store specializing in unique and craft beers, ciders, wines, fine spirits, and even sodas and honey. 

Simple warehouse style interior with bar seating, some bench seating, some stand-up long tables and picnic tables.

Large walk-in cooler with individual bottles and cans, plus 4- and 6-packs available for purchase for consumption on site or to take home. Large selection of wines, and whiskys in the front half of the space are also available for purchase for immediate or later enjoyment.

They also offer a rotating selection of seasonal beers and ciders on tap, and bottled wines and cocktails at the bar. 

Family owned and operated, Craft recently celebrated their second anniversary in Midtown with a large customer appreciation event. Several times a year they host family style events with local food vendors particularly for cultural celebrations, like Oktoberfest, that are associated with great food and beer. Unlike most bars it is not uncommon for people to bring their children or pets with them and it features a very community friendly atmosphere although the openness of the space and the size of the crowd can make it a noisy place and is not recommended for intimate conversation.