Incredible deals on used books.
Photos by Natasha Vitale

660 East Grove Street
(775) 828-2665

Special Events:

-Calendar online which gives the date of special events (they have a special event almost every day of the month!)
-Warehouse Sales
Grassroots has a special warehouse sale about every two weeks where all unstickered books in the warehouse are $.99 (children’s books are $.25)!

-Wish Lists
If Grassroots doesn’t have the book or movie that you want, you can sign up on their wishlist and they’ll send out an email requesting the book you want from potential sellers. When your request comes in, they’ll call you and let you know.
-Monthly Bag Sales
During one day of the month, you can bring in a plastic shopping bag and fill it with as many (unstickered) books that you can fit in it and you can buy them for $4.99.
-Free Book Day!
Come into Grassroots on free book day and you can get any unstickered book for free. One per customer!
-Vinyl Sales