Reno is unique in the sense that it offers a variety of intimate, locally owned yoga studios that are accommodating to the avid yogi, beginners and especially students. Whether you like Bikram or more of a Vinyasa flow class, Reno has a studio that will meet your yoga needs. A great deal of yoga studios are located in the downtown area, convenient for students and professionals. Most studios offer drops in rates and month to month memberships. Please explore the various studios to find one that suits you! The pages below highlight some of Reno's popular yoga studios in town and are located fairly close to one another in the same Reno area. Each studio has a unique look and set of instructors, but as the practiced Reno yogi knows, a lot of instructors can be found teaching at more than one studio! These studios also offer more than just yoga, whether it be pilates, spa treatments, massage or yoga gear!


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