The Sparks Marina park offers more then just a off leash dog park area, it also is a two mile walking track that is a great way to exercise your dog (just remeber to keep your dog on a leash at all times when not in the designated off leash area).


300 Howard Drive

Sparks, Nevada 89432

6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

About an acre

Free parking is available to the north and south of the roundabout at Nichols Blvd./Howard Drive
Features (pros)
  • Off leash area
  • Fenced
  • Double gated entry
  • Grassy/beach areas
  • Water access for dogs (only allowed to swim in dog park area)
  • Water area is partly fenced on the sides (about six feet into water)
  • Concrete block/dock for your dog to jump off of into the water
  • Bag dispenser (feel free to donate extra bags)
  • Trash cans near by
  • Benches for owners
  • Trees in dog park
  • Your dogs will need to be on-leash for a short walk east from the parking lot
  • Small dogs may be able to slip through fence
Yes, but not located in/near dog park area
  • Bring a small towel to wipe down the bench, wet dogs like jumping on it
  • Leave a towel in your car in case your dog is still wet