Point Pinole Regional shoreline. Photo by Nick Fullerton, CC-BY-NC. 2012-5-25

Point Pinole Park, officially known as Point Pinole Regional Shoreline and often just called "Point Pinole," is a large park at the very northern tip of Richmond.  It sits along the shoreline and was the former site of a number of explosive factories until 1960.

There are a large number of eucalyptus trees along the border of the park which were planted by the former explosive factories in an effort to guard the rest of the city from the smell and sounds of the factories.

Giant Powder Company was one of the explosive factories formerly at this site.

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Point Pinole Park by Mike Linksvayer, CC-BY. Taken 2013-9-10.The fishing pier at Point Pinole. Photo by Boortz47, CC-BY-NC-SA. Taken 2012-11-25

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