Academy of Academic Excellence is an independent elementary school located in the West End of Henrico county in Richmond, VA. The Academy creates an effective differentiated curriculum that includes a variety of programs customized to each child’s talents. Our students consistently get selected to accelerated placement when they transfer to larger learning environments.

The Academy of Academic Excellence believes that every child is gifted and talented.

We Customize Curriculum for each student - Our advanced learners are being regularly accepted into the Gifted Education Program at Henrico County. - With a low 1:8 teacher – student ratio the Academy helps curious thinkers grow their potentials.

We Start Early - Our 4-year olds in the Pre-Kindergarten can read and decode words. - Our students are actively involved in a variety of learning strategies that integrate technology across the differentiated curriculum.

We Make Learning Fun - The students develop a lifelong love of good literature, big books, and poetry. - Kids use dissertation strategies working a topic of their interest. - They enhance their sense of style and learn good manners.

We Teach Leadership - Both students and teachers obey the Bill of Rights. - Children are rewarded for good citizenship.

2545 Gayton Centre Dr. Richmond, VA 23238 (804) 740-6500