Goochland Baptist Church
Name Goochland Baptist Church
Church Type Evangelical
Address 2454 Manakin Road
City Manakin-Sabot
Zip 23103
County Goochland
Web Address

What We Value

Two important key words for satisfying living in the 21st century are: Value and Purpose. The word "value" has to do with worth. The word "purpose" has to do with some goal worthy of obtaining.

God says that He values you. That you are worth more to Him than any other thing that He has ever created, and he has created everything. Gods says that because He values you and all people so much - He has made it His number one purpose to actively restore us spiritually, emotionally, and physically to a healthy, close, loving relationship with Him.

As a Church, we are simply a group of people who try to live lives that value what God values. We desire to participate with God to advance His purposes. Values are principles that Goochland lives by to fulfill our God-given purposes. Here are five value principles that we strive to embody:

1. God-centered. Goochland Church exists to give God our very best in attitude and actions. God can be personally experienced. Our desire is to consistently value what He values as we go throughout the day.

2. Bible-based. God has told what is in His heart through many people. That written record of what He said is what we call the Bible. It speaks to us on a personal and eternal level. It is the tangible standard that we turn to as our guide for our attitudes and actions. Learning and living by the Bible is natural and normal to Goochland Church.

3. Outward-focused. We look outside of ourselves to help non-Christians and those are not connected to family of believers, so that they meet Jesus or walk more closely with Him. This being other-focused, something the Bible often refers to, is woven into everything we do. When a choice is made between serving needs on the inside or reaching out to others, we are committed in advance toward ministry to outsiders. Therefore, we try to be aware of what is going on in our culture for a higher purpose. The way we do that is to connect to people as they are and where they are.

4. Disciple-making. Christians are called to be disciples. That means we are believers who are learning and changing to be more like Jesus. We are far more interested in developing fully devoted followers of Jesus in every day life than accumulating names on GBC’s membership roster. It happens at the most unexpected and inconvenient times in demonstrating Christ-like love in relationships with others. Strangely enough, that is one of the great things about life because it reminds us that we are not in charge. During the year, we have classes,seminars, retreats, mentoring, counseling and discipling.

5. Kingdom-building. What is the Kingdom? It is the sum of all people and things that God is involved with. The kingdom of Jesus Christ is far greater than any local church or denomination. It includes followers of Jesus all over the world. We take great joy in participating in the advancement of the Kingdom. We want to share with other churches and groups the blessings God has given to us. We do that by supporting new churches, encouraging hurting people outside of our fellowship, sharing what we have learned, learning from others, sending missionaries and much more.

6. Future-looking. Vision is seeing what lies ahead and working for a positive outcome in the present. Faith as God designed it is always forward-looking. Our hopeful faith for the future is generated by trust in Jesus Christ.