"Like Twitter, but in person and with fried potatoes." -The Checkout Girl

Hash Browns -- YUM!Hashbrown Networking is a free gathering started by Jason Kenney for local Richmonders to get together and enjoy some greasy diner food while meeting other locals from Twitter, local blogs and all walks of life. Anyone that wishes to attend is welcome.

Here's the real-time #hashbrownnetworking Twitter search feed, also available at RVATweets.

    Hey, you have a facebook page! I just liked it. I hate the mall, and I hate it even more at Christmas time, so I ayalws ayalws finish my shopping by mid-November. I have anxiety attacks just thinking about the parking! My god, the parking! Anyway, for Secret Santa a bottle of wine. How could you possibly go wrong (well, I guess if the person is a non-drinker. Then maybe some nice chocolates? Unless the person is a vegan/diabetic/hates chocolates. Then I just don't know).

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    So extceid I found this article as it made things much quicker!

    Embassy Suites Networking

    Come join several of the #hashbrownnetworking regulars for some liquid carbohydrates and #embassysuitesnetworking at the Embassy Suites hotel bar, located at 2925 Emerywood Parkway, just a short walk from the Waffle House.

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    Useless Trivia

    • Hashbrownnetworking was the third most viewed entry on the RichmondWiki for the month of July behind the RichmondWiki main page and July 4th Fireworks. This placement was attributed to awesomeness. - July 2009 Site Stats
    • Hashbrownnetworking was the second most viewed entry on the RichmondWiki for the month of August behind the RichmondWiki main page. This placement was attributed to a Communistic plot. - August 2009 Site Stats
    • “It's completely casual with no expectations. Other than that you should tip well.” - Jason Kenney | Richmond.com Article September 1, 2009
    • “You don't have to be a social media big shot to be accepted. In fact, there are no nametags and people just end up wherever a seat is available when they arrive. It forces them to get to know people that they might not, otherwise. It leads to interesting and lively discussions. Artists and techies, righties and lefties, the popular kids and the severely underfollowed all end up finding common ground over greasy diner food.” -The Checkout Girl | Richmond Grid Article October 2, 2009

    Useful Trivia

    • On September 17, 2009, Hashbrownnetworking raised 201 pounds of food for the Central Virginia Food Bank.