Comprising seven distinct sections, the James River Park System is roughly 550 acres of parks on both banks of the James River.



  • Our City ordinance requires that life jackets be worn by anyone in or on the river when it rises 5 feet or more. When it reaches 9 feet, the river is closed to all except those with permits.
  • Park hours are from sunrise to sunset
  • Glass bottles or containers are prohibited in City parks
  • No parking on the grass is allowed
  • No amplified music without special permit is allowed in City parks
  • No dogs are allowed in City parks - except in designated areas (guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs are exceptions)
  • No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are allowed in City parks
  • No open fires are allowed except in park fireplaces/grills
  • No golf or archery is allowed in City parks
  • No tents, stages or other special apparatus is allowed without a permit
  • No cutting of park trees or shrubs in City parks is allowed

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