b. April 8th, 1979.

Richmond Singer-Songwriter

Meade Skelton Haufe- otherwise known as "Meade Skelton", grew up in Loudoun County, Virginia where he started performing music at an early age. Meade comes from a very old Richmond family on his mother's side- and moved to the area at the age of 18. He is known with the Richmond music scene for his quirky, yet sincere Country-Americana-Pop flavored songs and endearing(?) stage presence and personality. Joining the Floating Folk Festival in 2000, Meade quickly went up the Richmond music scene by his early 20s, and has since self released 3 albums. His most commercial self published album being "They Can't Keep Me Down". Meade also has released a single called "My Loudoun County Home" which is also available on vinyl formats. Some of his well-known songs are "Nicole , Will You Marry Me?" (written for stalking Actress Nicole Kidman), "Sweet Tea", "We Talk In Circles" "Hipsters Ruin Everything" and "From The Outside Looking In". His persona is that of a Southern dandy- a Richmond Gentleman. He dresses often in vintage blazers with red tennis shoes or cowboy boots.

Meade was featured in the Richmond Times Dispatch in August, 2005, by author Pete Humes- which focused on Meade's local success as a Singer-Songwriter, and his ongoing struggles with childhood issues of being an outcast and overweight. His songs also touch on more contemporary themes such as being an adult yet still living with and being supported by his 80 year old father. He is a staple on Richmond Public Access TV with his local shows, that entail music, and Christmas programs and talking to statues. His blog "Meade Music" is also a popular one among Richmond bloggers. He has been described as "Elton John gone country". Music Critic Ned Hepburn declared Meade's musical style "Coffee Shop Country" in his   popular "Death and Taxes" blog.