Umai Savory Hot Dogs is a restaurant chain specializing in fusion gourmet hot dogs, sausages, hamburgers and sliders. Originally started from hot dog carts in San Jose in 1992, the first restaurant opened in Roseville, California, at 1132 Galleria Boulevard #120. As of this writing, the chain has two other restaurants open in Natomas and Sacramento. The website lists an additional four location coming to Davis, Elk Grove, Downtown and Mid-town Sacramento and San Jose, California.

Umai Savory Hot Dogs is unique in that their hot dogs and sausages are generally more healthy. The website lists no additives, no msg, no artificial flavors or colors and their meats contain all natural casings. Their broad menu includes regional and Asian flavors including the "Shinjuku Shadow" hot dog, "Honolulu Bang Bang" and "Thai Thunder." There are a total of 27 different flavors of hot dogs and sausages listed on the website.

Umai also serves a variety of french fries - ranging from "Bacon Ranch fries" to "Truffle fries." Appetizers include a "waffle dog," and kids menu including a "junior dog" and "octodog" (hot dogs cut into the shapes of octopus). There are no less than six types of noodles, 8 types of fried chicken wings, 8 types of pork ribs, and 4 types of hamburgers and sliders.

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