• Visit the China Grove  Roller Mill

  • Elementary school classes tour the roller mill annually. They are amazed at the structure and the equipment. Most children have no idea that bread is made from flour and that wheat is ground to make the flour. Society members routinely give tours and tell stories of the way things used to be in Rowan County. Each year more and more groups ask to tour the mill because it is an extraordinary place to visit, Senior citizens groups enjoy remembering about "yesteryears" when they frequently visited the mill for flour, meal and other items. The Leadership Rowan class includes an annual tour of the roller mill as part of their training so that the agricultural heritage of Rowan County will be "appreciated by the future leaders of the county."


    The Town of China Grove and the Historical Society of South Rowan, proudly invite visitors to the Roller Mill in the Main Street area of China Grove to learn and enjoy the stories this community has to tell.


    The Roller Mill is open on the second Sunday of each month from 2 until 4 p.m. (unless the Sunday falls on a holiday) It is also open by appointment for groups or individuals. It is located at 308 North Main Street, China Grove, NC 28023.


    The Roller Mill and the meeting hall are available for private gatherings for a nominal fee. The fee is based on the length of stay and the size of the group.


    There is no admission fee for the tour of the Roller Mill, however donations are appreciated.


    If you would like more information or to reserve the roller mill for a private tour, please call 704-855-8329 or 704-857-3300

China Grove Roller Mill


  • Visit Patterson Farms

Growing Healthy Traditions Since 1919


The Third Generation of Farming

Today we continue the work of James A. Patterson and his sons. For 2014, we will grow 210 acres of tomatoes, making us one of the largest growers in the state; 40 acres of strawberries; 100 acres of bell peppers, 56 acres of cucumbers, 27 acres of jalapenos, 36 acres of watermelons, muscadines,  15,000 poinsettias and more. During peak season, Patterson Farm, Inc. and our three divisions – Patterson Farm Repack, Patterson Landscape & Nursery, and Patterson Farm Market & Tours – employ more than 300 people.
When we’re not planting, harvesting, packaging and distributing our produce, we’re working on our other mission: to educate visitors about North Carolina farming, where their food comes from and how it makes its way to their table.

Patterson Farm's Web Site


  • Price of Freedom Museum

    The Price of Freedom Museum is an American war memorial dedicated to the men and women of the armed services that paid the ultimate price of freedom by dedicating their lives to their county