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Dunchurch Parish Council

Persons nominated

  • LOWE, Ian Stanley
  • NESBIT, Brian

Warwickshire County Elections

Persons nominated by County Divisions:


  • The Conservative Party: BUTLIN, Peter James
  • Liberal Democrat: HARDGRAVE, Tom
  • Green Party: LAFFY, Steve
  • The Labour Party: WEBB, Alan Charles


  • The Labour Party: COUPE, Jeffrey Graham
  • Green Party: DUNLEAVY, Lorna Beryl
  • The Labour Party: O`ROURKE, Margaret Bernadette
  • Liberal Democrat: PALLOT, Ted
  • Green Party: REYNOLDS, Peter Stephen
  • The Conservative: ROBBINS, Carolyn Ann
  • Liberal Democrat: SANDISON, Neil James
  • The Conservative Party: WALTON, Helen Barbara
  • Independent: WYATT, Patricia


  • Green Party: BROWNE, Chris
  • The Labour Party: COLES, Andy Robert
  • Green Party: GODDEN, Philip Charles
  • Liberal Democrat: HOTTEN, Gwen
  • The Labour Party: SRIVASTAVA, Ram
  • Liberal Democrat: UPSTONE, Jess
  • The Conservative Party: VEREKER, John
  • The Conservative Party: WRIGHT, David Alan


  • The Labour Party: CLARKE, Brenda Frances
  • The Conservative Party: HAZELTON, Robert Charles
  • Liberal Democrat: HOTTEN, James Edward
  • Green Party: HOUGUEZ, George

Earl Craven

  • Liberal Democrat: GREGORY, Mark Stephen
  • Green Party: RODERICK, Elanor
  • The Conservative Party: TIMMS, Heather Mary
  • The Labour Party: WILLIAMS, Donald Lloyd

Eastlands & Hillmorton

  • The Conservative Party: CRANHAM, David Dick
  • The Labour Party: DEERY, Terry
  • Liberal Democrat: DODD, Richard James
  • Green Party: MEADOWS, Jesse
  • The Conservative Party: PALUSINSKI, Edward Herbert Joce
  • Liberal Democrat: ROODHOUSE, Jerry
  • Green Party: WALTON, John Noah Murgatroyd
  • The Labour Party: YU, Kathleen Yuk King


  • The Conservative Party: MORRIS-JONES, Robert Phillip Lort
  • Liberal Democrat: ELSON, David Charles
  • Green Party: SANDISON, Paul David
  • The Labour Party: BEVIN, Robert Charles

Lawford & New Bilton

  • British National Party: FELVUSMCCARRON, Jo
  • The Conservative Party: WATSON, Claire
  • Liberal Democrat: PASK, Diane
  • Green Party: SANDISON, Roy Leonard
  • The Labour Party: HODKINSON, Douglas James Parsons

European Elections

West Midlands Area

  • British National Party: Simon Darby, Alby Walker, Christopher Turner, Kenneth Griffiths, Ellie Walker, Russell David Green.
  • The Christian Party - CPA: David John Booth, Samuel Nelson, Abiodun Akiwumi, Yeside Oguntoye, Ade Raji, Maxine Hargreaves.
  • The Conservative Party: Philip Charles Bradbourn, Malcolm John Charles Harbour, Anthea Elizabeth Joy McIntyre, Michael John Burnett, Mark Gerald Spelman, Daniel Anthony Thomas Dalton.
  • English Democratic Party: David Ford Lane, Frederick Bishop, John Stephen Lane, Graham Walker, Michael Ellis, Kim Elizabeth Gandy.
  • Jury Team: Geoffrey John Coady, Graham William Burton, Jeremy John William Spencer, David Anthony Bennett, Colin Thompson.
  • Liberal Democrats: Liz Lynne, Phil Bennion, Susan Juned, Stephen Barber, William Denston Powell, Jonathan Bramall.
  • No2EU: Dave Nellist, Dyal Singh Bagri, Malcolm Gribbin, Joanne Stevenson, Peter John McLaren, Andy Chaffer.
  • Pro Democracy: Jimmy Millard, Bridget Ilona Rose, Zigi Stuart Davenport, Andrew Ian Bebbington, David William Black, Matthew Hugh Lingard.
  • Socialist Labour Party: John Tyrrell, Satbir Singh Johal, Rajinder Claire, Bhagwant Singh, Surinder Pal Virdee, Shangara Singh Bhatoe.
  • The Green Party: Felicity Norman, Peter James Tinsley, Chris Williams, Ian Davison, Vicky Dunn, David Wall.
  • The Labour Party: Michael Maurice Cashman, Neena Gill, Claire Edwards, Anthony James Painter, Victoria Quinn, Mohammad Nazir.
  • United Kingdom Independence Party: Mike Nattrass, Nikki Sinclaire, Jill Seymour, Rustie Lee, Malcolm Hurst, Jonathan Oakton