7400 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael
and other places
24 Hours

Adalbertos is a local Mexican restaurant chain.  Good despite the deceptively "ghetto" atmosphere and feel that gives one the impression that it's a lousy fast food joint. They are very authentic and the horchata is great...also they take Visa and Mastercard. Also, the distance you have to drive (usually late at night) makes the food even better...you get hungrier and more excited as you get closer. Also, they are very liberal with their guacamole...

  • It depends on which one you go to. Some are quite nice. Others are located in neighborhoods that are... well, appropriate to the term you used to describe them.

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Simply put, my favorite Mexican style burrito place. They (and their Carolina's sister restaurants) are the best to my taste. Their simple bean burrito has more flavor than most place's burritos loaded with various meats and spices. — JabberWokky