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This is the page for Sacramento State University, not the Sacramento State neighborhood.

California State University, Sacramento (also known as Sacramento State) was founded in 1947 as Sacramento State College, on the current site of Sacramento City College, and later moved to its current 300 acre campus between Highway 50, Howe Avenue and the American River. It was officially given university status (and its current name) in 1972.

The university is devoted almost exclusively to undergraduate education. While the professors do conduct research, it takes a back seat to their teaching. As such, while you can expect to get tons of attention as an undergraduate, their graduate programs are more limited, not offering doctorates with the exception of an Ed.D.

A great deal of undergraduates plan on becoming teachers and their teacher education program is the most popular on campus. This might be expected as the CSU system grew out of the normal schools (teacher colleges) run by the state. The school is also renowned for their unusually large cooperative education program, which allows students to get jobs that also provide academic credit.

Sac State has a rivalry with UC Davis in all sports. The pinnacle of this rivalry is the annual Causeway Classic football game.

For the Fall 2005 semester, Sacramento State had 27,932 Students (82% Undergraduate), ranging from 13-84 years of age; with a median age of 23. More statistics can be found here.

While commonly referred to as Sac State and Sacramento State University, California State University, Sacramento is its official name. The University president had been trying to officially change it, but dropped the issue due to campus resistance in March of 2005. However, he asked for the media to refer to it as Sacramento State. On Sept. 1, the university unveiled its first official logo, with the Sacramento State branding, further adding to the naming confusion.

The State Hornet is the university's newspaper.

Welcome to the Sac State University directory. Sac State is also known as California State University, Sacramento.

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