Craft Fairs are great ways to find cool items that you might not be able to find anywhere else - you're getting to benefit from the creative power and imagination of Sacramento's finest artisans! Craft fairs are also great inspirations for your own creations. And whether or not you plan on making your own crafts, don't forget to ask the artisans how they created their work - they often love talking about their craft, and you can learn some really interesting things.

You're likely to find some overlap between the goods offered at craft fairs and  flea markets. You can also sometimes find crafts at farmers markets.

There's also a very respectable collection of crafts at Sacramento Second Saturday.

And while it's not quite a craft fair, you might also enjoy the Sacramento Antique Faire, and some of Sacramento's festivals.

The former Sacramento Craft and Flea used to be the best place to get crafts in Sacramento.