1630 12th Street
M-F, 7 AM - 6 PM
(916) 442-5421
Gina Queral
September, 1983
License Number
340306210 and 340306212

Dot Tot Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt, parent-operated corporation in partnership with the California Department of Transportation that was established in September 1983. Dot Tot's mission is to provide a safe place where children can explore the world, expand their minds, express themselves, develop skills and talents, and become independent, self-assured people. Dot Tot serves children ages 6 weeks through 6 years, and provides child care, among other services.

Education Program

Dot Tot's educational program is designed to enhance each child's feeling of self worth and curiosity about the world. Activities for both group and individual needs are designed to promote each child's social, intellectual, and physical development. The infant/toddler program is based on the "Resources for Infant Educarers" (RIE) philosophy, which views the child as an initiator, explorer, and self-learner. By treating the child as an active participant in the things that concern him or her, the child learns to solve problems and develop into a whole person. To build security and trust, behavioral limits are clearly defined.

Classroom Environment

Dot Tot's ratio is 1 caregiver to no more than 4 infants or toddlers. We strive to maintain 1 caregiver for every 4 two year olds and for 1 caregiver for every 8 preschoolers, which exceeds State-licensing requirements. Dot Tot aids social development by maintaining a positive social environment and minimizing frightening and confusing feelings. Dot Tot has an open curriculum: equipment and toys are kept on open shelves. Its rooms are inviting, warm and colorful. Multi-cultural activities and awareness are stressed. Dot Tot encourages an open, ongoing dialogue among parents and staff. Our staff goes through ongoing training events to keep current in the field and is devoted to maintaining a loving environment for the children they care for. DOT Tot also requires all our teachers to stay current in CPR and First Aid Training.

Items supplied by DOT Tot

Dot Tot supplies diapers, wipes, crib sheets, and sheets for napping pads. Parents should supply blankets and pillows for preschoolers.


Dot Tot provides breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks each day that are wholesome, well balanced, and predominantly free of artificial additives or preservatives. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are emphasized. Dot Tot takes special care to accommodate the dietary needs of children with allergies. Parents must supply formula and jar food for infants.