Sacramento has a number of dog parks. You can also see a list of parks.

Here are some quick guidelines to remember before visiting your local dog park:

  • Dog owners/handlers are personally responsible and legally responsible for their animals.
  • You are using these facilities at your own risk.
  • Dogs may be off a leash only within the designated fenced area
  • Owners/handlers must clean up after their dogs.
  • Dogs must have a current license, license must be on dogs' collar, the collar must be on the dog.
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed. The owner/handler of any dog(s) exhibiting aggressive or unruly behavior are required to immediately remove the offending animal.
  • For every two dogs brought to the park, there must be at least one owner/handler.
  • Children less than 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Female dogs in season are not allowed at the facility.
  • Consumption of alcohol, food and the use of glass containers are not allowed.
  • The City of Sacramento reserves the right to close the facility for maintenance and repair.

All guidelines were obtained from the City of Sacramento.