We're glad you want to check out the wiki! If you ended up here, you probably want to browse around some, and you just want a brief overview of what's here on the wiki. (Or if you're not sure yet what you want, check out our Welcome to the Wiki page.)

This is not a page for browsing what's here in Sacramento - you should see our Explore page if you want information about Sacramento, like local events, the business directory, or information about education or government. This page you're on right now is for exploring the wiki itself. Here are some things you might be interested in:

  • Front Page: a pretty decent collection of a lot of the important stuff on the wiki. Take a look if you didn't manage to see it on the way here.
  • Recent Changes: recent changes to the wiki, in case you want to see what people are working on
  • All Pages: an alphabetical list of all the pages on the wiki

Take a look around, and enjoy yourself!

These are some pages that don't have functionality since the upgrade to Localwiki, but which we're hoping will come back on line at some point:\

  • Bookmarks: This page is only visible if you're logged in. Once you're logged in, you can bookmark pages (use the Bookmark Link at the very bottom of any page). When you look at your bookmarks page, any pages that have been changed since you last visited will be bolded.
  • User Statistics: all the user accounts of Sacwiki. (The People page, which is one of the tabs below the Sacwiki logo, seems to be a not-up-to-date version of User Statistics.)