Make Music in Sacramento Annually on June 21st

Tell your friends to come down the streets of Sacramento and participate by playing, dancing or just listening to music. Edit the grids at the bottom of the page and put your name down. Join the Facebook group

What is Fête de la Musique?

The 2009 International Poster The Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is a world wide music festival that takes place on June 21, which is usually the summer solstice. On this day, sidewalks, parks, community gardens, stores and more become impromptu musical stages for both amateur and professional musicians to showcase their talents. All concerts and performances are free and open to the public.

The Fête de la Musique began in France and has since spread to Belgium, Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Israel (in Tel-Aviv), China, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Colombia and other countries. The Alliance Francaise de Sacramento has held staged performances to celebrate Fête de la Musique since 2006. New York City held its first festival in 2007. Saturday June 21st, 2008 was the first city wide celebration of the event in Sacramento.

The idea was conceived by French Music and Dance director Maurice Fleuret for Minister of Culture Jack Lang in 1981 and first took place in 1982.

Its purpose is to promote music in two ways:

  • Amateur musicians are encouraged to perform in the streets. The slogan Faites de la musique (Make music), a homophone of Fête de la Musique, is used to promote this goal.
  • Many free concerts are organized, making all genres of music accessible to the public.

In Sacramento, local musicians and performers can lawfully participate by playing in the streets of Sacramento thanks to Chapter 5.108 of the City Code which encourages the development of arts and culture in Sacramento and exempts street performers, incidental musicians, and the establishments that host them from requiring an Entertainment Permit. The Fête de la Musique is one of the only nights of the year where, under French law, there is no noise restriction. The musicians can play all night without fear of neighbors calling the police.

The people of Sacramento are encouraged to participate by playing music or performing in Downtown and Midtown Sacramento, offering a venue for performers, organizing a concert, promoting the festival in the local press, and most importantly by encouraging everyone to take to the streets, meet your neighbors, participate in your community, and make music!

Like a Second Saturday event but with all your neighbors playing music all over town on sidewalks and in parks.

More Information

This is not a band A video trailer announcing the Sacramento Fête de la Musique A short video explaining la Fête de la Musique Make Music New York - How it works in other cities Fête de la Musique Sacramento - myspace International Declaration of Principles Fête de la Musique - Information from the French Cultural Ministry

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Videos Youtube - Paris Fête de la Musique An American explores la Fête de la Musique in Paris Youtube - A taste of the Fête de la Musique in Paris 2007 Street Films - Make Music NYC Youtube - French News Cast Youtube - French Punks in the Streets of Brest, France celebrating the Fête de la Musique

How To Participate

Want to participate? Add your name to the list of performers and venues below and be there on June 21st

Sacramento 2009 Poster

  • Print out the poster (Sacramento 2009 Poster.jpg) and distribute, post, paste, etc.
  • Commit to playing and celebrate. Put your name on the performers table on this page (See Performers and Venues section), then choose one or a combination of the following options:
    • Option 1. Check the venues, there are several "street fair hosts" that will be blocking off a street or city parks that will serve as hot spots where lots of things will be happening in a concentrated area. You should coordinate directly with the street fair host to play at any particular street fair. City parks with out a stage are open and first come first serve.
    • Option 2. Contact a local business and coordinate directly with them to play outside their shop on the sidewalk or inside (like second Saturday events). They can provide electricity for amps etc. Once it's confirmed, add it to the venue list on the wiki.
    • Option 3. Pick a corner or address, call it for yourself, mark it down in the wiki venue table, and then just show up. Scout locations for electrical outlets if you need amplification. Some covered bus stops have outlets, as do some lamp posts (like the ones along the river south of Old Sac.) Ask nicely before plugging in, and bring a surge protector!

=> Street locations not directly in front of a store front should be considered first come first serve.

=> It's nice to share, that's why you are participating, right?

    • Option 4. Just plan on being there and plop yourself down on any 'ol patch of open public ground and start playing.
    • Option 5. Roam around. Pick up and jam with any body else who's wandering around.
  • Tell all your friends about the Fête de la Musique and encourage them to participate or spectate.
  • Add us as a MySpace friend to get our bulletins,
  • Become a Fan of our Facebook Page

Performers & Venues

How to edit the tables below to include your information: Once you register and log in click on the 'edit' icon at the top of the page. Help with Editing is an excellent resource. Alternatively you can double click on the text in the table and replace the words with your information. Some have reported trouble editing text within the tables, you should have no trouble after looking over Help with Editing and only replacing the words leaving the || in place. Please add your information in the place holders at the bottom of the table

Participating Performers
Performer Contact Location
The Hellouts myspace The Streets of Sacramento
The Juggs W/ special guest David Oliver The Juggs' Myspace acoustic Brunch set near the playground at Southside Park followed by an early afternoon, plugged in and aproned up at Hillbillie Hill, and later dusk-ish return set at Hillbillie Hill
Crazy Richard incomunicado Here, there, and finally Acoustic Atol
The Mighty Josephine Josephine's myspace TBD
Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra myspace TBD
Sacramento Youth Band myspace TBD
Winko Ljizz website Acoustic Sanctuary - 22nd & Jst
Ahoy! myspace TBD
Elkhorn Lodge myspace TBD
Adrian Bourgeois myspace TBD
Anthony Savedra myspace TBD
Alice Springs TBD
Ingrid Peters Jazz Violin Ingrid's myspace TBD
Live Manikins Live Manikins' Myspace TBD
Another Rap Group (ARG) Another Rap Group's Myspace TBD
Paloma Negra Paloma Negra's myspace or [email protected] TBD
C-DUBB myspace or [email protected] TBD
Cali K [email protected] Downtown Sacramento
Rat Damage Punk Island (16th and Broadway)
San Kazakgascar Time Tested Books on 21st St
G7 and the Roseville Gang Ed (sticks) 947-8168 Acoustic Atol...eventually
Retrograde Revolution 10th and K
Chant for Peace anywhere around J & 20th-21st
Meditate on this... Meditation Station MySpace All ova' tha' place, yo!
December Remember December Remember MySpace All ova' tha' place, yo!
Lasher Keen Where ravens gather
Autumn Sky 1(916)670-8920/[email protected]/ TBA
Artist Contact Venue
Artist Contact Venue
Artist Contact Venue
Artist Contact Venue
Artist Contact Venue
Participating Venues
Venue Information Location Featuring
The Streets of Sacramento The Streets of Sacramento EVERYWHERE! All Genre of Music!
Corner of 21st and J Reserved for musicians employed at this location & their friends Corner of 21st and J Music performed by scientists, planners and designers... really.
Sacramento News & Review Parking Lot SN&R Presents: The 2008 Sammie Nominees 4pm-8pm Corner of 20th & J streets, sacramento Live Manikins, Live Audible Soul, Bedroom Band, Random Abiladeze, Ross Hammond's Trio, de la Roast, No Admission, & DJ Rated R
Cool Cat Gallery [email protected] Cool Cat Gallery has closed it's doors, contact cool cat for latest info All Types of Music
Sacramento Native American Health Center - Parking Lot Just show up and play! 2020 J Street Calling All Native American Performers...& Friends
Alley Cuts Contact Shela at Alley Cuts Near St. Rose of Lima Park, 7th & K Streets, Sacramento Alley music
Acoustic Sanctuary website NE corner of J & 22nd streets, Sacramento Winko Ljizz, One Man Band
Barber's Shop Automotive It's an auto repair shop 1116 18th St, Sacramento Acoustic Americana
HorseCow Sunday June 22nd afternoon Bar-b-Q 111 North Harbor Bl, West Sacramento Contact [email protected] for details, bring chicken and/or salad and yob
Watermelon Music In the public square near the store 207 E street, Davis [email protected] or (530) 758-4010
Java Lounge Talk to Nicole Kangas 441-3945 2416 16th St. (16th & Broadway) Part of the Punk Island archipelago
Atelier Contact Melissa 1617 16th St (east of Freemont Park) Acoustic
R5 RECORDS contact [email protected] 2500 16th St corner of Broadway & 16th All types / Contact store
Sacto Area Pyrate Punx PUNK ISLAND Working with Java Lounge and R5 to make this a party 16th & Broadway Punk,Hardcore,Metal,Grind,Ska,Hip-Hop,Rebel Country..REBEL MUSIC!!
Acoustic Atol (AKA Music Night) Bring a chair or sofa - no amps NE corner of 20th and Capitol anything acoustic, be ready to teach and learn new songs
Hillbilly Hill contact the Jugg Sisters H and 20th at the new location of Sacramento Green Hillbilly music, dagnabbit!
Deep - Art and Yoga Studio contact Christine (916) 448-3337 21st and H ST (corner building) almost anything goes
Name Comment Location Type of Music Seeking
Name Comment Location Type of Music Seeking
Name Comment Location Type of Music Seeking
Name Comment Location Type of Music Seeking


Sacramento 2009 Poster.jpg Park Event Handbook.doc Park Use Guide.doc City of Sacramento Application for Park Use


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