6117 Florin Rd.
Closed 2006-02-28

The mall closed on 2006-02-28. It will be replaced by an open-air shopping center and a WalMart SuperCenter.

A mall that served primarily the poor and blue-collar in South Sacramento. One of the ugliest, most run-down malls in the area. Surprisingly, it still has a Tilt, but the horrible state of maintenence of those games underscores the decrepit-nature of this mall.

As the Bee describes it: "...once the jewel of Sacramento's retail scene before rising crime in the area and the defection of two of its three anchor stores tarnished its image." Last year, the mall had $237 worth of sales per square foot, less than half of what the Arden Fair Mall has.

Used to have NorCal's only JCPenney's outlet. Arizona Jeans...mmmmm!

This mall is towards the end of its lifespan. The mall only retains 1 Anchor, Sears, and is in a neighborhood with a bad reputation. The current owner is working to find a way to revitalize the mall, although it may come at the cost of razing the old one.

The mall was sold in early November to a Bay Area company. Maybe they'll bring in better games for the Tilt, but most likely, they'll raze the dump.

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