1422 C Street
(916) 443-2646
Interm Executive Director
Pat Pitzer

Francis House Center is a nonprofit that provides direct assistance, mentoring and resource counseling for Sacramento’s homeless community. Each person receives individual attention when they meet with a caring volunteer.

Francis House Center offers a number of services, some of which are not provided anywhere else in the Sacramento region. For example, Francis House Center is the only place which offers vouchers for California I.D.s, birth certificates, and California driver’s licenses. Without identification it is virtually impossible to obtain a job, cash a check, or rent an apartment. They also provide local bus tickets to get to job interviews and medical/housing appointments.

It offers job resources - its Job Development Center, with computers, job announcements, capable mentors and compassionate counselors is filled to capacity every day. Its Fast Track program supports the newly employed with transportation vouchers ensuring their ability to get to and from work for the first two weeks. These vouchers are a simple offering, but can make all the difference in one’s ability to keep a job once they get it.

Francis House Center offers motel stays for families with children. They are one of the only options for single fathers with children living on the streets.

Francis House also offers counseling for veterans, assistance with SSI applications, one-on-one counseling, encouragement and referrals. Thanks to our partnerships with Lens Crafters, Sears Optical and New Eyes, we are able to offer eyeglasses to those who have a valid prescription. Often times it is the simplest things that can help break the barriers leading to self-sufficiency down the road.

Some information from the Francis House Center website.

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