2527 J Street, Sacramento CA, 95816

Tuesday-Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sunday: 12-4pm
[email protected]
Corey DeRoo and Darcy McNie


French Cuff Consignment is a consignment store in Midtown Sacramento that sells clothing.

French Cuff Consignment specializes in quality fashion items from top designers from around the world.

Owned and operated by Darcy McNie and Corey De Roo, this mother-daughter team is dedicated to providing their customers with great clothes and accessories at great prices.

“Shopping consignment is all about the thrill of the hunt—Finding that unique treasure at an amazing price.”



2006-08-03 13:29:07   I work in West Sac, so I go to French Cuff a lot. They always have a lot of great stuff. The place is small, but that makes it so you can find stuff more easily. They get a lot of high quality name brand and vintage stuff, and also sell stuff on ebay. The staff is really friendly and very helpful. They know everything in the place, so they can help you find your size and style quickly. JanelleAlvstadMattson

2007-09-09 13:51:47   Thanks for the updating help, Geoff! —CoreyDeRoo

2010-08-17 13:05:02   French Cuff is now in Davis, too! I visited Davis for the first time a month ago and the store owner said they had just opened that location. Their clothes, shoes, purses.... they are fantastic! Be prepared to spend money because everything there is a find! —SteffanyBarrus

2010-11-23 14:18:31   The Davis location of French Cuff puts all other Davis consignment stores to shame. The selection is amazing — the first time I went in I stayed for over an hour — and clothes are grouped by color/type, not size, so a bit of digging is required to yield treasures. But there are indeed treasures to be found, and some of them are real bargains.

I wish I'd known, when I went on my first shopping spree, that as part of their customer recognition your receipt will have a coupon attached for your next purchase. A good strategy: buy what you need the first time and come back with that coupon for more (and there *will* be more — new stuff arrives all the time).

Most of the time Corey is there; she's warm, friendly and helpful. She really knows her stuff, but is also very chatty. In fact, it can take a while to extricate yourself from a conversation with her — but at least Corey provides ample personal contact with her customers... which is sorely lacking in some of our local stores (I'm talkin' 'bout you 'specially, Nestware)! —ZoraDillon

2011-06-12 15:04:00   The clothes are too expensive, sure, some are high end labels, but come on, they are still used. While they don't have stains or tears, they fit like used clothes. Too expensive. —lilhaf