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The mission of Goodwill Industries is to provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities or other special needs. Its vision is to maximize the services provided in the communities it serves. Goodwill services are united by a vocational emphasis – characterized by relevance, excellence and cost effectiveness.

In 1933, Goodwill Industries of Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada was established. Over the next 77 years, the organization housed itself in a number of quarters – a church, an abandoned firehouse, a stately home and finally in 1965, in its own building.

Goodwill is a community based non-profit organization that provides jobs for the disabled, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised in Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada. We put people to work in their own communities, helping to build self-sufficiency and human dignity.

Today, Goodwill Industries of Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada employs over 1,000 people; more than 90 percent of total revenues are dedicated to job training, mission related activities, and mission related payroll. Clearly, Goodwill provides our donors, consumers, customers and communities with a large return on their investment.

Job and Career Opportunities

When you donate, it can help contribute to the Goodwill Training Program. It not only creates jobs but it allows the Goodwill Training Program to continue its training. This training programs trains individuals with disabilities and special needs into becoming a permanent employee of the Goodwill Industries. If ever curious of how much and how far your donations truly helps Goodwill provide jobs, check out this website that allows donors to calculate the amount of time donations can offer. Determine the calculation of your donation impact.

Volunteer Opportunities

Your time and talents are always needed! Goodwill welcomes all individuals who would like to take some time in their schedules to volunteer at a Goodwill Industries Company. Volunteers are always needed and if anybody is interested please don't hesitate to check out the Goodwill website and help contribute to volunteering their time within their daily schedules to help this non-profit organization, while helping others! Volunteering not only allows Goodwill to help with Job training but it would also look great on resumes! If you have any questions or would like to get more information on volunteering at a Goodwill; Find a Goodwill in your area to volunteer!

Interview of a Former Employee of Goodwill Industries

I got the chance to interview an employee who works at a Goodwill Donation Express, where donations are dropped off, taken into the back to be sorted, and ready to be picked up and distributed throughout the Goodwill Retail Stores of Sacramento. During this interview, the employee working there for about 6 months shares his personal experience working at Goodwill. He tells me of how surprised he is of the amount of donations that are brought in everyday. At his Goodwill Donation Express, it averages out to at least 100-200 donations a day with the average of 20-30 donors everyday! He states, " Donations are never-ending. It's a great joy to see that people continue to bring their gently used items and donate it to Goodwill everyday. It's funny because by now, you'd think they would've run out of donations considering the amount we get everyday." Throughout the interview, I noticed that he smiled the whole time. You could obviously see the joy on his face from knowing that people are kind enough to make time in their daily schedules to just make a donation and they probably didn't even know how much of an impact it could be. As I watched him accept donations, he said that being polite and helpful shows the donors how much they appreciate their donations. "That," he says, "is enough for me to believe in good will."


There are multiple Goodwill Donation Expresses located in the Sacramento area making it more convenient for you. Those donations are to be sold at a Goodwill Retail Store at a low price that will help the less fortunate or low income families. The items that you donate benefits Goodwill's objective of allowing families who are less fortunate and with low incomes to be able to buy affordable clothes, household goods, and so much more. Your Goodwill Donations also create jobs, fund vocational programs to get people to work, reduce waste and landfill, and helps build a stronger community. After donating, donors will be able to claim a receipt for your donation goods. The receipt can be used for tax deductions and to calculate your tax deductions, you can use the Valuation Guide for Goodwill Donors. Download the Valuation Guide for Goodwill Donors.

If you haven't heard, Goodwill Donation Expresses and Retail Stores are now taking non-perishable food donations for River City Food Bank and Elk Grove Food Bank. Help feed 4,000 people per month! The non-perishable food items you donate are also going towards those who suffered in the Japan and Haiti Earthquake. It will greatly benefit those who are in the most need of recovery. As well as providing nutritionally-balanced 3-Day emergency meals.

Another easy and fast way to donate! Text-To-Give Text GOODWILL to 85944 to donate $10 on your mobile device. Respond “Yes” to confirm your donation.

Donation Acceptance Guidelines

Acceptable Items:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Electrical equipment and battery-operated items
  • Children’s games and toys which includes all pieces
  • Furniture in good condition
  • Glass and Household items

While Goodwill appreciates your donations, they highly encourage donors to bring donations that they would give to their relatives or neighbors.

Unacceptable Items:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Mattress/Beds
  • Broken furniture
  • Metal Desks
  • Large exercise equipment
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Water Treatment System
  • Tires, Batteries, Fuel, Oil, Grease, Lubricants
  • Household or Garden Pesticides/Chemicals
  • Carpenting/Padding
  • Items clawed/chewed by animals/pet
  • Items badly stained/soiled
  • Spray Cans, Chemical, Powders
  • Paint/ Paint thinner, Varnish, Stain Removers
  • Copy Machines, Console stereos
  • Broken Glass items
  • Car seats
  • Strollers
  • Encyclopedias
  • Large appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, air conditioners, ect.)
  • Flood damaged items
  • Garbage/Trash
  • Items missing parts/peices in need of repair

Unacceptable due to federal and state laws.

Leaving these items at a Goodwill Donation Site is considered dumping and is illegal in the State of California. Violators will be prosecuted. "California code section 374.3"

Certified E-Waste Collector

Goodwill Industries Sacramento Valley & Norther Nevada is certified by the State of California to collect electronic waste from California residents. To satisfy State requirements, we will only record your name and address. Goodwill is reimbursed by the State from the fee collected at the time the item was purchased. You will not receive a bill or be contacted regarding your donations.

Personal Experience at Goodwill

I have been working with the Goodwill Industries for a year and three months. The experience at Goodwill has been a very positive one. It was the first time to experience a job that allowed me to not only allow people to feel good about themselves when donating but being a help of assisting them to doing so. My days at Goodwill has given me a different perspective on how much a small donation to a big donation impacts someone's life. Whether it's providing clothes, shoes, household goods, or jobs; Goodwill has done it all. It allows people to contribute in the smallest ways. It definitely brings a positive and encouraging environment seeing the amount of donors and donations received everyday. It's good to see that people haven't forgotten about those who are still in need of help. I just believe that whether it's a small donation, it still changes lives. For as long as I have been working, I have never experienced a bad day. That feeling of being able to be a part of something greater and better, makes my day all better. I would definitely encourage you all to donate to any Goodwill Donation Expresses near you, because I do! I guarantee you will leave feeling like you've done something good. Because, "Goodwill changes lives," one at a time.

-Penny Vang CSU Sacramento Student Fall 2011


Interview of Former Employee of Goodwill Industries. 23 October 2011. Personal Experience working at Goodwill Information from Goodwill Website


This report was written for Cynthia Linville’s English 1A class at CSU Sacramento.