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Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary is a pet rescue organization that rescues hundreds of abused, abandoned, and unwanted cats and dogs each year. This sanctuary is committed to creating a safe haven for hurt and homeless animals. Their goal is to try to find each animal a safe, loving, and permanent home. Happy Tails is proud to be a non-profit, no kill, and cage free organization.

Services Offered


Happy Tails has many cats and kittens up for adoption at low costs. Each animal is tested, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Approximately 40 new cats are dropped off at Happy Tails each month but only about 10 cats are adopted each month. There is an abundance of animals in desperate need of a home. Animals can be adopted from the adoption center on Folsom Blvd. and from PetSmart each weekend. PetSmart is located on 1738 Watt Ave. (on Arden Way), Sacramento, CA 95825. Cats and Kittens are there on Saturdays from 10a.m. to 4p.m. and on Sundays from 11a.m. to 5p.m. Go to happytails.org and visit the galleries to see photos of newly rescued cats and dogs residing at the Sanctuary located on Folsom. Adopt a cat like Jasper, a three year old Siamese short hair. Jasper was brought to Happy Tails covered in sore spots and puncture wounds. He was abandoned and ill but is now the healthiest, sweetest cat you could ever meet and is in need of a good home. Or adopt an exotic colored female Siamese Tortie mix named Layla Ali. Layla, who is now a little over a year old, was found in a gutter. She is the perfect pet who loves to curl up in a nice cozy lap to sleep. Due to the high rate of animal cruelty during the month of October, cats can be adopted but cannot go home from September 22nd to November 1st. They must stay at the Sanctuary until the 1st of November.

Helping Paws

Happy Tails also has a program called Helping Paws. Helping Paws helps seniors, the disabled, and low-income people obtain basic medical care for their pets. Medical care is given in hopes that families can keep their pets healthy and have them in the family for as long as possible.

Smokey's Fund

Smokey's Fund provides emergency veterinary care to sick and injured animals that have been abandoned, found, or dropped off at Happy Tails.

Military Leave

Individuals going into the military can leave their pets with Happy Tails. This is for men and women serving that do not have anyone to care for their pets during their leave.

Feral Cats

Feral cats, stray cats that are not sociable enough to live in regular homes, are cared for in feral cat colonies. Happy Tails maintains many of these colonies. All cats are spayed or neutered, tested, vaccinated, fed, and cared for by volunteers.


Happy Tails hosts a number of fundraisers each year. All profits made from the fundraisers go to Happy Tails to pay for their many expenses. For the most part, the profits go towards veterinary bills. Painting for Paws

Painting for Paws is Happy Tails' signature event. This is an art show that features paintings created by Happy Tails' furry residents. The art show is held annually in the fall. Painting for Paws features creative artwork, food, wine, music, and a silent auction. There is an entrance fee of $20 which is donated to Happy Tails.

Bake Sale

The annual bake sale is held in the summer and fall on the state Capitol grounds. Anyone can grab a tasty treat and help Happy Tails at the same time. Information is passed out, and cats and dogs are usually up for adoption.

Santa Claws

Santa Claws is hosted by PetSmart on Watt Avenue and Arden Way. Every December, community members have photos of their dogs and cats taken with Santa. At a low cost, each person receives two framed photos to take home.


Happy Tails does not receive any money from the government. Happy Tails relies on the kindness of others, fundraisers, and the small adoption fee to stay open. They accept donations and have a wish list:

  • "Taste of the Wild" dry cat food
  • Purina One Cat Chow
  • Friskies Canned Food
  • Milk Replacer for Kittens (powdered)
  • Safety-clasp cat collars
  • cat litter
  • gallons of bleach
  • antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • latex gloves
  • trash bags
  • Feline Flea Control

Donations in the form of cash and gift cards are also accepted. (Donations are tax deductible)


Adult Volunteers

Happy Tails is made entirely up of over 200 volunteers. Volunteers are needed to stay open and operating. To become a volunteer, potential volunteers must attend a New Volunteer Orientation meeting. Meetings are usually held twice a month. Only one session must be attended. For dates and times for these meeting, call (916) 532-4468 or e-mail [email protected]. These meeting are for adults only, ages 18 and up.

Junior Volunteers

Juniors, ages 12 to 17, may volunteer but need to attend a different meeting. Junior meetings are only held once a month and minors must be accompanied by a parent or gurdian at all times. For session dates and times for juniors, call (916) 708-8235 or e-mail [email protected].


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