Headway Sports was formed in 2005 in Sacramento, CA with one simple mission:
“To help individuals grow through sports training and competition”


Our current goal is to provide the very best lessons for soccer players and teams of all ages & skill levels in Folsom, Sacramento and surrounding areas. And we are well on our way! We have already worked with hundreds of players in private lessons, small group training, team sessions and soccer camps and clinics.

All training sessions are led by coaching director Diego Arrieta. Over the past six years Coach Diego has personally trained over 500 players of all soccer backgrounds–from 5-year-old recreational players to 16-year-old competitive players–and has received lots of praise from parents and coaches, so please excuse him if he seems over-confident in his ability to train your kids or team!

Call us today to receive a free soccer lesson in Sacramento... (916) 585-GOAL