Kohl's Cares is a health and education organization that specifically serves youth. The organization encompasses a variety of programs serving youth, the environment, and women's causes. Kohl's Cares has set up a variety of different programs in order to help local communities and support children's education.

Scholarship Program: The Scholarship Program was created to encourage kids to get involved in their community and help out an organization or family in need. Kohl's Cares provides a range of scholarships for kids who stand out in their community and make a difference. In one year alone Kohl's Cares will give prizes to over 2,100 remarkable children. Regional winners will win a 1,000 dollar scholarship for their higher education while national winners will win a 10,000 dollar scholarship and 1,000 will be contributed to a non-profit organization of their choice. This program is a great way to get children involved in their local communities and encourages others to contribute and volunteer in their communities.

Merchandise Program: Every Kohl's store sells specific merchandise, usually consisting of stuffed animals and matching books, where 100% of the proceeds donated to kid's health and education across the nation. This program provides a way for everyone to get involved, by just buying a simple stuffed animal, a child could be one step closer to getting the opportunity to go to college or getting the medical attention they need. This merchandise program has raised over $180 million and continues to raise money to help support children in need.

Hospital Partnerships: Kohl's Cares has partnerships with 160 hospitals and growing nationwide. These partnerships help educate children and their parents about injury prevention, asthma, childhood obesity and more. Kohl's Cares also support community outreach programs to help support children's health. Kohl's Cares offers a variety of different resources to the hospitals including volunteers, special programs created for their individual needs, and donates money in support of children's health and education.

Fundraising Gift Cards: Kohl's Cares offers schools and other youth serving organizations fundraising gift cards at a discount, which they can then sell at face value to earn profits for their organization. The profits can be used for anything including books, computers and other supplies to help a child learn and grow. This program is a fun and easy way to earn money for any Youth organization in our local community. As a member of our community, you can inform any local non-profit youth serving organization of this simple and effective program to help support their organization and raise money for our kids future!

US Youth Soccer Sponsorship: Kohl's Cares also believes in the mental and emotional growth of our youth through sports and activity. Kohl's has been the official department store sponsor for over six years and has put together a Kohl's American Cup. This is a tournament that gives players the opportunity to experience a tournament in a friendly, non-competitive environment. The goal of this tournament is to encourage participation no matter what skill level and develop the foundation for children to succeed not only on the field but off the field as well.

Associates In Action: Kohl's Associates have took the initiative to get involved in their communities by volunteering at local non-profit organizations to help support local children. If five associates volunteer at one of these qualifying organizations they help that organization earn a grant donated from Kohl's Cares. In the past ten years this program has donated more than $35 million in over 64,000 volunteer events.

Get Involved! There are plenty of ways you, yourself can help support children in your local communities. Local youth organizations are always in need of extra volunteers to help out for a few hours here and there. Even those of us who do not have a lot of time to go out and volunteer for local education and don't have a lot of money to donate to these organizations, there are things we can do to get involved. By spending five dollars on a book or stuffed animal, you can be sure that your five dollars will go straight towards an initiative that will make a difference in a child's health and education.

Spread The Word Informing people about this organization will make a major difference in a child's future. Kohl's Cares contributes all their time and money to support children's health and education, but without your help no one will know about this great organization. By telling your friends to get involved, you may inspire young kids to participate and help out in their communities, or others to volunteer or donate to this cause and support local children. Our community will grow stronger through the love and support that Kohl's Cares is providing for our local community.

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