La Fiesta

1105 Alhambra Blvd
Sunday-Wednesday: open until 10:30PM
Thursday-Saturday: open until 11PM
Payment Method
Cash and ATM only

La Fiesta is a popular Mexican restaurant on Alhambra next to Safeway. Particularly notable for incredibly fast service. Frequently you can put your number down on a table and go get chips and salsa and your food will be waiting for you by the time you are back from the salsa bar.

The food is fairly authentic Mexican cuisine. There is a good selection of dishes to choose from including quite a few seafood dishes such as shrimp fajitas. The food is reasonably priced averaging around $7 - $12 a plate. Fat Tire is on tap and can be had for $3 a pint!

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2007-03-04 22:20:15   La Fiesta is the best taqueria in town. I can't get enough of the chicken super burrito. They have many authentic Mexican dishes. The salsa bar is delightfully inconsistent, but always tasty. I go here at least once a week. —BrianGingold

2007-03-04 23:29:29   Numerous flat screens for ultimate soccer goodness —Sc0ttBeardsley

2007-08-16 00:17:12   I have never seen anyone move so fast as the guy behind the register. I swear his hands move so fast you can't see them! —IanTucker

2008-03-29 15:39:02   Tasty 'n cheap. I can't get past the carnitas. —CurlyGirl26

2009-11-01 10:05:38   This place is shut down temporarily due to a car accident. Very good food, I am sad. —ChrisKadi

2010-02-07 10:47:47   That Sucks! Is it coming/already back? —IanTucker

2010-02-07 13:28:19   Yeah, it has been refurbished and is open again, as of maybe 7 weeks ago. —ChrisKadi