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Land Park is one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Sacramento, California. It is located just south of downtown Sacramento, and contains William Land Park at the center. It is located in between the Interstate 5 to the West, Freeport Blvd to the east, Broadway to the North, and Sutterville Road to the south. Robert Fong is the city councilman for the Land Park Area.

Points of Interest

Notable Residents

  • Phil Angelides - former California State Treasurer and 2006 gubernatorial nominee
  • Charles Calderon - California State Legislator lives here while the legislature is in session.
  • Joan Didion - famous writer grew up in the neighborhood
  • Morton Downey Jr. - conservative radio commentator lived here when he was doing his TV show in the 80's in Sacramento
  • Robert King Fong - Sacramento City Councilmember, 4th district
  • H. W. Harkness - a Gold Rush era physician and mycologist who owned most of the north-east corner of what is now the Land Park neighborhood
  • Anthony Kennedy - U.S. Supreme Court Justice was raised in the neighborhood and lived here until his appointment to the court.
  • Sheila Kuehl - Former California State Legislator from Santa Monica lived in Land Park while serving in the legislature.
  • Doris Matsui - Congresswoman, succeeded her husband upon his death, worked in the Clinton White House
  • Robert Matsui - Congressman 1979-2005, DCCC Chairman, Sacramento City Councilmember
  • John Mockler - former Interim Secretary of Education in California and former Executive Director of the California State Board of Education
  • Stephen Pearcy (activist) - Sacramento attorney and political activist
  • Anne Rudin - former Sacramento Mayor
  • William Vollmann - Essayist
  • Jimmie Yee - Sacramento County Supervisor and former Sacramento Mayor

Information obtained from the Land Park Community Association.

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