You're represented at all levels of government by elected officials. They work on legislation, and they're also supposed to represent you and your needs, and help you solve issues you have. The phrase "I'm from the goverment, and I'm here to help" has become a joke, but most people working in government really do want to help, and it's often their job to help out if you have a problem.

This page describes who your local representatives are, and how best to contact them. If you have a problem and you're not sure who you should contact about it, check out the getting help with problems page - it will help you figure out who to contact, and what you can do on your own to work through whatever problem it is you're facing.

City of Sacramento

The Mayor and the City Council of Sacramento represent residents at the city level of government, and make city ordinances (which are the city equivalent of laws). The Mayor  represents everyone in the city; each member of the City Council represents a particular district. Find your district (and which city councilmember represents you) by typing your address into the text box at the top of the official city council website, under the "To find your Council member, enter your address" heading.

You might contact the Mayor or a city councilmember about noise violations, maintenance of city parks, parking rules or violations, the city police, and other such issues that are within the jurisdiction of the city. You might also contact the Mayor or a councilmember to voice support or opposition to a city ordinance.

The city councilmembers are:

Sacramento County

The County of Sacramento is overseen by five elected County Supervisors (there is no executive equivalent to a Mayor or Governor). Each supervisor represents a different part of the district. You can find out which supervisor represents you in one of the following ways:

Supervisors make codes and ordinances (the county equivalent of laws).

You might contact a county supervisor about a health or safety matters, about one of the many services administered by the county (like food stamps, welfare, or in-home supportive services), the county Sheriff's department, or any issue that might normally handled by a city (such as noise violations) but that occurs outside Sacramento city limits. You might also contact a supervisor to voice concern or opposition for a county code or ordinance.

County Supervisors:

State of California

The governor and state legislature (Assembly and Senate) work in the state capitol building. They make California's laws, and oversee the state's agencies.

You can look which Senator and Assemblymember represents you on the Senate website at this page.

You might contact your Senator or Assemblymember if you have a problem with a state agency (such as the DMV), an issue with a program run by a state agency (such as an issue with unemployment checks), or an concern that is regulated by a state agency (such as a consumer fraud issue, which is regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs). You might also make contact to voice your support or opposition for a state bill or law.

Executive Branch

Local Assemblymembers

  • District 5, Richard Pan (D) (including parts of the City of Sacramento)
  • District 9, Roger Dickinson (D) (including parts of the City of Sacramento)
  • District 10, Alyson Huber (D) (southeast parts of the County of Sacramento)
  • Distirct 15, Joan Buchanan (D) (southwest parts of the County of Sacramento)
  • District 4, Beth Gaines (R) (just a bit of the north part of the County of Sacramento)

State Senate

  • District 6, Darrell Steinberg (D) (including the City of Sacramento)
  • District 1, Ted Gaines (R) (the eastern half of the County of Sacramento)
  • District 5, Lois Wolk (D) (the southwestern stretch of the County of Sacramento)

Federal Government

Sacramentans are represented in federal government by the President and by the Congress (the Senate and the House of Representatives).

US Senate

House of Representatives