What do you know about Luhan Si Hadin?

Luhan Si Hadin makes bittersweet folk for haunted hearts. They are a Sacramento-based nonbinary singer-songwriter of CHamoru heritage. Their emo-tinged indie vibes are created with a mix of guitar, ukulele, and kalimba. 

Luhan Si Hadin is the current director of Sacramento Songwriter Circle, a board member of G.I.R.L.S. Rock Sacramento, part of Masakada Collective, Guam Community Club (of Sacramento), Sac Filipinx, and the site administrator for SacMusic.com which compiles Sacramento open mics, jams, and cyphers. 

Phonetic pronunciation: loo-hawn see huh-deen

Meaning ( in CHamoru / Chamorro ): Hadin is scared.