1806 Capitol Ave
Mon - Fri 11:30AM-9PM
Sat & Sun 5PM - 9PM
(916) 447-8646

Paesanos is a pizza and pasta restaurant and bar with a refreshing and unique selection of Italian delicacies with a local feel. The architecture is modern and appealing. Visiting Paesanos on any evening promises to be a lively and exciting experience. It can get quite noisy inside, so if you want to have an intimate and relaxed dinner, find another place.


2007-05-28 16:41:56   Given that they have a big sign on the wall that states "Try our sangria", I figured I should take their advice. I had two and surprisingly, I was was buzzed for a while. I've always found the food to be good. Last time I was there I had a great pizza, I think it was the bbq chicken. The service is always great. —CharlesMcLaughlin